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# Schmeeer

Because the Echo effect (opens new window) doesn't always make sense. Work with echo's more intuitively and by dynamically adding frames and adjusting the length based on the on-screen motion of a layer.

Dynamic smearing is driven by the on-screen motion in position, rotation, scale and even parented movement.


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# Controls

Schmeeer controls
  • Smear length: How far do you want to smear?
    • 100% will be the full distance between the current and previous frame
    • 50% will be half the distance between the current and previous frame
  • Distance threshold: How far does a layer need to move before the smears start?
    • Layer movement less than the threshold (in pixels) will not have smears applied.
    • Note: Smears are cool, but they are typically impactful because of a contrast between smeared and non-smeared frames. Smearing everything can make things look too smooshy, but it's your project. Do whatever you want.
  • Count multiplier: Increase this value if you notice stepping on the smears. Be careful because this value is multiplying the the number of echoes.
  • Echo effect: You can probably leave alone unless you know what you're doing

# Examples

Newtons Cradle

# Installation

├── 📂 Schmeeer
│   ├── 📂 aep
│   │   │   └── Schmeeer-Coin flip.aep
│   ├── 📂 KBar icon
│   │   │   └── Schmeeer.svg
│   ├──  Schmeeer help.html
│   ├──  Schmeeer.ffx

Basic install

Copy .ffx files into the Ae presets folder, then restart Ae.
  • OS X:~/Documents/Adobe/After Effects CC 2020/Presets/
  • Windows:My Documents/Adobe/After Effects CC 2020/Presets/

Presets will be available in the Effects & Presets panel by searching or under
*Animation Presets > Presets

Ultra productive install

A much quicker way to use presets is with KBar from aescripts + aeplugins. Save your .ffx preset files to a main location (bonus nerd points for using a shared folder like Dropbox).

  • Right click the KBar panel > KBar Settings
  • Click Add Button
  • Click Apply Preset
  • Navigate to the .ffx file on disk
  • Name it and set an icon
Ae script install

Missing the preset?

  1. Click the menu and Refresh List
  2. Be sure Show Animation Presets are enabled
↑ This one is easy to miss.

# Changelog

# 1.0.2

Released: 2022-02-02

  • Universalize expressions
  • Kbar toolbar install included

# 1.0.0

Released: 2022-07-13

  • Initial release