These pages are no longer maintained. Visit for up to date docs.

# System

# Check for updates

Be notified as soon as a Rubberhose update is available in the panel.

# Mystic mode

Mystic mode

For most mortals the panel works best with icons and text, but for those who prefer to reach beyond the veil, enable Mystic mode. If you dare.

It’s just icon-only buttons without text. But also dangerous.

# Update expressions

As new versions of Rubberhose are released there might be updated expressions –but this cannot automatically update rigs that have already been created. Click to compare the currently installed version of the Rubberhose extension with the expressions on layers that already exist. The updated expressions will be applied across.

# Selection context

  • With layers selected: only selected layers in the comp will be updated
  • With no layers selected: all Rubberhose layers in the comp will be updated

# Deauthorize computer

Click to remove the license key from the current machine for use with a different Adobe ID.

When you enter your license key, it will be linked to your Adobe ID on our license server. This also means that if you have a second computer using the same Adobe ID, it will not require a Rubberhose key to unlock.

# Learn stuff

A quick link to the Rubberhose 3 documentation (opens new window) you are reading right now.

# Join newsletter

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