# Allow FFmpeg

move ffmpeg to trash

FFmpeg is used to compress the rendered MOV into an MP4 but Mac OS will ask for your approval before running it the first time so you might see this error.

Need help locating FFmpeg?

# Open FFmpeg


open ffmpeg

After locating FFmpeg inside of Anubis extension, right-click or control-click to open it. This is different from doubling clicking and will show a new popup with the option to Open it. Click Open and Terminal should then launch and show a bunch of info about FFmpeg in the command line.

Close Terminal and Anubis should be ready to export MP4s.

ffmpeg in terminal

# Locate FFmpeg

shift click to reveal

SHIFT-click the main icons in the Ae Anubis panel to open a Finder window revealing FFmpeg within the extension –instead of digging through your hard drive to find the installed extension.