These pages are no longer maintained. Visit for up to date docs.

# Custom quality settings

Anubis utilizes a Constant Rate Factor (opens new window) to define the compression level in FFmpeg.

We think the default settings have been tuned pretty well, but it is possible to set custom values for each of the Low, Med, and High presets.

# Open the config settings

Open the Anubis prefs.json file by twirling down SYSTEM, then ALT/Opt-click Learn Stuff to open the support folder.

Learn Stuff

Navigate to /Anubis/config/prefs.json and open it in a text editor.


# Set custom values

Look for the line compressionLevels.

"compressionLevels": {
    "high": 15,
    "med": 22,
    "low": 29

These CRF levels go from:

  • 0 (zero compression and high quality)
  • 51 (high compression and low quality).

Update these numbers then save and close the prefs.json file.

Right-click the Anubis panel to Refresh panel. The quality settings will be updated and available for the next export.

# Default CRF values

Name CRF
High 15
Medium 22
Low 29