# Gradients

New in Overlord v1.1 is support for Illustrator Gradients.

# Is this a big deal?

Yep. The standard Illustrator file import does not support gradients at all –it just turns the layer grey. Through some fancy workarounds, it’s now possible. We all rejoice together.

# Limitations

  • Because of the complexity of the workaround, there is a limit of 8 colors on gradients. Additional color stops will be ignored.
  • Gradient strokes are supported, but the additional methods of applying gradients (Along stroke and Across stroke) are not possible in Ae and will be ignored.
  • Radial gradient aspect ratio will be ignored

# Misaligned end points

If you find your gradient misaligned, select the Ai Gradient tool (G shortcut) and redraw it. Why? If you rotate a shape then reposition that shape, the crazy matrix transformation going on which overrides the access to gradient positioning data.