These pages are no longer maintained. Visit for up to date docs.

# Trouble­shooting

# Unable to unlock

Unlock Rubberhose

When you first open RubberHose 2 you will see a cryptic message regarding your immortal soul and the honesty related to use of the script. Add a checkbox and the button should change to CONTINUE BRAVE WARRIOR. Click that and start using RubberHose.

It's nonsense, but it's the kind of nonsense we like around here.

# Using Dropbox on macOS?

If you find yourself stuck at this screen, it might have to do with a glitch between Adobe apps and Dropbox Backup feature on macOS.

Follow along with this great article (opens new window) from aescripts + aeplugins to get that cleared up.

# Settings wont open

Some systems have trouble opening the settings panel. This is a known issue but we are unable to replicate it in order to fix it; but there is workaround.

# Open preferences

After Effects preferences
  • Open the Ae preferences > General
  • Click to open the preference file on disk

Unlock Rubberhose
  • Open Adobe After Effects [version] Prefs.txt in a text editor
  • Search for the Settings_RubberHose 2 group
  • Manually edit any of the preferences
  • Or, select and delete the whole group to reset all RH preferences to the factory default

  • Save and close the prefs file
  • Restart Ae