# Tutorials

# Crash course

Ross Plaskow shows you how to get to work quickly, and makes you laugh while doing it.

# In depth

It doesn't matter how pro you are, Emanuele Colombo will teach you a ton while taking you through character design to rigging to scene integration.

# Faux 3D / Compositing

This stuff really feels like magic. Tony Babel is a wizard.

# Cycles

Building loops is an art form so learn from the masters.

# Livestream

# RubberRig

Unknown tidbit: it was how Ross hacked RH1 with some parenting tricks that inspired RubberRig in the first place. The guy has a lot of really great ideas.

# Animation principles

RubberHose is an open system that will let you apply all the principles you pick up from all forms of character animation.

Learn from everything.