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# Settings

Frame duration

# Show settings

Click the settings button on the Ps/An toolbars or right-click any of the panels to open Settings

All Ps buttons

# Customize toolbar

Hide and show buttons and build the toolbar that best supports your work and muscle memory. These settings may be exported/imported for use on different computers.

# Default buttons (An)

Default An buttons

# All buttons (Ps)

All Ps buttons

# Options

# Add timestamp to render filename

Adobe apps do a lot behind the scenes to cache what you need, but sometimes they fail to update when you replace footage. If you find that your renders fail to update, enable timestamps for the exporting app. Exported files will have a timestamp added to the end so the importing app sees it as a fresh file.

The timestamp is made up of 2 digits for the year, month, date, hour, minute, second.

2021, July 30, 3:37:30pm becomes LayerName - 2021Jul30_153730.swf

# Tooltips

This one is personal preference. No judgment either way.

# Render to Ae project file path

The same control as on the After Effects panel.