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# Animation training

Traditional animation isn't something you can just watch a tutorial about. It's a deep set of principles that take time, but thankfully there are masters who share their knowledge to help you learn and grow.

These are not Timelord tutorials –animation principles are way bigger than Timelord. These are some of the best ways to step up your own animation skills.

# Henrique Barone (opens new window)

Henrique's (opens new window) work is mind-blowing, and his ability to share his process is such a benefit to anyone willing to put in the time.

# Johannes Fast (opens new window)

The energy of Johannes' (opens new window) animation is inspiring, and his courses are more than worth a Skillshare membership.

# Toniko Pantoja (opens new window)

As an artist on Kipo (opens new window) (one of my favorite animated shows) and many of your favorite shows and films, Toniko's (opens new window) production knowledge is second to none. This training series is massive.

Bonus: the tips section (opens new window) of his site is a goldmine.