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# Trouble­shooting

# Why isn't my license working?

If you purchased Timelord through, download the most recent version at (opens new window) with your license key.

From 2015 - 2023 we sold products through and utilized their license authentication system on most of our products. Because of changes to their licensing backend, an update is required for all products that use license keys.

# Transparency failing to export on static images

Does your file have an artboard? The Ps artboard has its own background setting for transparency and if it's set to white it will output a white background instead of transparent.

Artboard transparency

Artboard transparency

# Set artboard transparency

There doesn't seem to be a way to set this automatically, but it's pretty easy to fix.

  1. Select the artboard
  2. Open the properties panel (Window > Properties)
  3. Set Artboard background color to Transparent

Exported images will now be exported on a transparent background.

# Extension missing in Photoshop

Missing the Window > Extensions menu in Photoshop in CC 2022? Adobe is slowly switching to a new plugin system called UXP, and Extensions are disabled by default in new versions of Ps.

Enabling Extensions

Open Photoshop prefs

Open the Photoshop preferences > Plugins
Enable extensions
Enable both:
  • Allow Extensions to Connect to the Internet
  • Load Extensions Panels ← most important

Rosetta mode

But wait, are those options greyed out? Are you on Apple Silicon? You will need to activate Rosetta mode to enable Extensions in Photoshop.

Extensions disabled
Show Photoshop info
  • Close Photoshop
  • Navigate to the Photoshop application
  • Right click > get Info or CMD+I
Enable Rosetta mode

Enable the checkbox Open using Rosetta. Restart Photoshop.

Enable extensions

The Legacy Extensions checkboxes should now be editable. Enable these prefs, restart Ps again, and Window > Extensions > Anubis will now be available.

# Empty panel / no buttons

If the extension panel shows up blank there is a problem loading some of the code to display the UI.

Blank panel

# Are you on macOS?

# Using dropbox?

Try turning off Backup This Mac (opens new window)

# Do you have an external GPU?

Blank panel
  1. Navigate to the Adobe application
  2. Right-click > Get Info or CMD+I
  3. Disable Prefer External GPU
  4. Restart the Adobe app

# Delete the prefs file

  1. Go to Finder
  2. Pull down the GO menu
  3. Hold the ALT/Opt key and Library will appear
  4. Click to open the /Library/ folder
  5. Navigate to /Library/Application Support/BattleAxe/Timelord/config/
  6. Delete prefs.json

# Are you on Windows?

Try deleting the preference file: C:/Users/**username**/AppData/Roaming/BattleAxe/Timelord/

# Still not working?

Try uninstalling then reinstalling Ai/Ae.