These pages are no longer maintained. Visit for up to date docs.

# Troubleshooting

# How to generate an upgrade coupon?

Go to (opens new window) and log in with the email you used to purchase.

License login

Under an eligible purchase, you will see a link to Generate Coupon.

Generate coupon

Copy this coupon code and paste it in the check out window at (opens new window) before entering your payment info.


# I bought Rubberhose 2, where is my upgrade?

Upgrade paths are available for users who purchased within 2 years of the release of version 3.

  • Purchased Rubberhose 2 after November 1, 2022 your upgrade to version 3 is free
  • Purchased Rubberhose 2 after May 1, 2020 your upgrade to version 3 is 20% off
  • Purchased more than 2 years ago, we hope you found value in version 2 and that you will continue dangerous journey with us

# Why aren’t controllers auto-rotating?

TLDR: It’s gone. But hose parenting has increased accuracy and renders faster. You can still parent a layer to a controller, but it will not auto-rotate.

Context: Rubberhose 2 introduced the concept of controller rotation to the world of rigging, and it revolutionized how hands and feet attached to limbs. It was a cool feature, but required a lot of redundant math to allow controllers to define a curve, then the curve defined the controller rotation.

# Where is RubberPin?

It's back! It was missing in the initial launch because we could not figure out how to make it feel right. Download v3.1.0+ (opens new window) to start working with the improved RubberPin.